segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2016


Join Apps Para Todos, a stimulating project for developers.
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 If you believe that technology must be accessible and universal to all no matter their age or circumstance...

If you think it should help eliminate barriers...

And if you think that it should improve personal autonomy...

You must join 'Apps Para Todos' (Apps For All), a stimulating project for developers who want to step in and create accessible apps, for ALL.

Starting on June 18th with an Ideathon, we invite all developers, free thinkers and committed citizens who want to work toward more human technology.

Register below and come meet like minded people keen to share solutions. 18 June, at the Institut Municipal de Persones Amb Discapacitat de Barcelona.

We're heading to Tenerife with AC Canarias!

We're most happy to announce that our wonderful app showcase will be visiting the equally wonderful island of Tenerife for AC Canarias, July 21. We're on the search for the best apps the Canary Islands have to offer! Tech wizards, coders...come on down and make history!

Two weeks left to submit to AC Barcelona!

On June 30 we'll be putting on our annual homecoming Appcircus event! If you live near the Catalan capital then you've got two weeks left to submit your app, hurry! Audience registration is also open and you can sign up for a wonderful night of networking and beer at Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damn here.

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