9ª Semana do Empreendedorismo de Lisboa - 21 e 25 de Setembro de 2020, by Made of Lisboa


terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2020

European Innovation Academy, Newsletter - Exclusive Sessions: Intellectual Property for Startups


Dear innovator,

This is an exclusive invitation to seven generations of EIA startups, entrepreneurs, mentors, sponsors, and faculty from 100+ countries.

Please join us from September 21–26 for EIA and Nixon Peabody’s Virtual IP Series.

Although we couldn’t be together for EIA this summer, we couldn’t let 2020 go by without a deep dive into one of the most critical aspects of startup success.

EIA and Nixon Peabody are teaming up to host a series of 15 keynotes by your favorite lawyers and mentors on the IP topics most requested by startups and entrepreneurs. Click here for descriptions of all 15 keynotes.


In EIA tradition, we’re hosting our signature one-on-one IP Clinics, and selecting winners for our iconic Spark Scholarships for complimentary patents and trademarks (valued at $5,000 and $1,000 respectively).

The event is co-hosted by:
Contact Kristen DeCandia at +1 617 345-1232 or kdecandia@nixonpeabody.com
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9ª edição da Semana de Empreendedorismo de Lisboa - 9th edition Lisbon Entrepreneurship Week - Apply

 Sublinhe na agenda a verde fluorescente as datas 21 a 25 de setembro - a cidade une o seu ecossistema empreendedor na 9ª edição da Semana de Empreendedorismo de Lisboa. 

Uma semana repleta de eventos promovidos pela comunidade empreendedora em torno das áreas de Tech & Data, Transformação Digital, Empreendedorismo 2020, Work & Skills, Sustentabilidade & Verde, Investimento & Financiamento, Cultura & Criatividade, Impacto & Social, Saúde & Investigação e Turismo & Experiências. 

Os empreendedores abrem as suas portas para que, em comunidade, Lisboa se torne numa cidade mais resiliente perante as adversidades, e assim, conjuntamente Retomar, Reequilibrar e Reinventar! 

Submissão de propostas de participação até 31 de agosto 👉 https://bit.ly/3jenxug

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / Startup Lisboa / Made of Lisboa
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quinta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2020

Tourism Explorers - Newsletter


Chegou a tua vez!
Inscreve-te e habilita-te a ganhar 10.000€!

Ao longo dos últimos três anos, o Tourism Explorers já ajudou mais de 440 startups a identificarem ideias, a criarem equipas, a desenharem modelos de negócio, a encontrarem clientes e a (re)lançar os seus projetos no mercado. Agora, chegou a tua vez!

Se queres criar um negócio de sucesso na área do Turismo ou definir melhor a estratégia do teu negócio, só tens de te inscrever, aqui! Se fores o vencedor da Grande Final Nacional, poderás ganhar um incentivo no valor de 10.000€!

Pelo Tourism Explorers já passaram várias startups de sucesso, que já resultaram, inclusive, em investimento por parte da Portugal Ventures, como é o caso da Sailside, da Try Portugal, da Bag4Days e da Live Electric Tours (que também foi galardoada com o prémio de Melhor Startup de Turismo em 2018, nos Startup Europe Awards, organizados pela Comissão Europeia, em parceria com a Fábrica de Startups).

Candidata-te aqui!

Testemunho - Cristina Ferreira:

Portugal Cork Tourism foi uma das startups que acelerou o seu projeto na edição de 2019 do Tourism Explorers, em Setúbal. Neste vídeo, a sua Fundadora e Líder Executiva, Cristina Ferreira, conta-nos o porquê de ter decidido participar neste programa e aquilo que, para si, é a mais-valia do mesmo. Descobre tudo, aqui:
" O programa inclui tudo o que é necessário para criar e fazer crescer uma startup. A cada dia evolui-se mais que no dia anterior. As sessões são motivadoras e incluem informação especializada.
 Peter Allen, GAMEBOX52, 2019 

Ainda tens dúvidas se te deves ou não inscrever?
Vê, aqui, o que os antigos participantes têm a dizer:

Tens alguma dúvida sobre o Tourism Explorers?
Entra em contacto connosco!


Candidaturas | até 7 de out.
Ideação | 21, 22 e 23 de out.
Aceleração | de 3 a 26 de nov.
Grande Final Nacional | 3 de dez.



Impact Hub Lisbon - Newsletter - Lots of programs to realize and accelerate your projects! 🌞


Nova SBE Social Consulting's Client Applications

If you are a NGO or an enterprise operating in the social sector, you might be interested in becoming a Nova SBE Social Consulting's client!

As a student-led consultancy, NSC offers a range of pro-bono advisory services for organisations in the social and environmental sector. They have an in-depth experience with more than 150 consulting projects in the social sector, ranging from clients in the social start-up scene to the NGO ecosystem and large, established social organisations.

You can find more information on their website here.

Don't miss this opportunity!

Looking for an office?

Our front office has become available. It's easily big enough for 4 people under new social distancing measures. You can see more about it here.
Members, win a discount on your membership for a successful referral!

Membership and Programs Inclusion Specialist

Impact Hub is looking for an inclusion and equity specialist who can support the different Hubs to design and deliver membership and programmatic offerings that are accessible, safe, equitable, and enabling for people often excluded from or marginalized in the entrepreneurial community. 

This consultancy project will last from September-December 2020. Applications are open until the 6th September 2020.

Check out the complete description of the position here.
Courses and Programs that may be of interest to you

Social Entrepreneur's Toolkit: 
An Impact Hub Lisbon's course, organized and given by our beloved Bruno Lacey, an experienced and thoughtful social entrepreneur!
In this class, he will explore the ways to generate sustainable revenues by contributing to positive social and environmental change, the ways of thinking, being and working which contribute to the paradigm shift for a green, fair and healthy world, and many more things.
Read the complete description of the course and register here!

Curso YCL (for Portuguese speakers): 
This course, organized by Youth Climate Leaders, a Brazil-based organization, is available for the first time in Portugal! Their main goal is to empower a diverse group of young leaders from around the world with leadership and entrepreneurial skills to be used right now to address climate change.
Find out more about it and register through this link.

Altice International Innovation Award: 
The AIIA intends to promote and recognize the entrepreneurship and technological talent in areas relevant to Altice International’s core business. The award is composed of two categories: Master/PhD students and Startups up to 3 years old. More information here.

Artivismo na Penha: Art contest made from trash.

This online competition promotes art as a way to give new meaning to our "garbage" through pieces of art created to awaken and raise awareness of the Lisbon community. Everybody can participate, it is even possible to do it as a family! All you have to do is sign up and create a work of art out of garbage or recyclable materials.

Winners will receive a prize!

More information here.
Worth Listening

On the bus, at home or during your lunch break, don't hesitate to listen to these podcasts. They are gathered around the themes of social entrepreneurship, positive impact and social good. They will certainly inspire you and burst you with new ideas!

Don't hesitate to also take a look at the BetaCast podcast, created and delivered by the Beta-i team. The Social Impact Season is organized in partnership with Impact Hub Lisbon with as guest Francesco Rocca, its Managing Director and Partner. The aim of this season is to discuss social impact innovation in a bigger picture - explore the most pressing topics, understand different perspectives, giving you a trigger to build your own opinion. 

Sign up to the Global Membership

If the recent weeks and months have taught us anything, it’s the importance of connections. That’s why Impact Hub has designed and launched the new Global Connect membership package to support you through this unprecedented time.

As soon as you sign up, you will gain access to our Community App, connecting you to thousands of members in 55 countries around the globe. From climate change to tackling racism, our members are looking to make a positive impact on the world around them. You’ll also get access to:

  • Inspiring resources and knowledge from across the sector.

  • Many programs that can help you to further develop your impact business.

  • Online events from across our network.

  • Purpose-driven jobs opportunities.

  • Discounts for impact tools.


And all of this for free, but only for a limited time. 

Don’t miss out - head to impacthub.net/join to sign up now!

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Members, if you have some news/opportunities or whatever you would like to share with us, don't hesitate to write to us to be included in the next edition.
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