2021 ANI - Agência Nacional de Inovação, Newsletter 229

                        Newsletter 229 - 18/1/2021 Reconhecimento de idoneidade em I&D  Pedidos de reconhecimento com crescimento expone...

sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2021

2021 ANI - Agência Nacional de Inovação, Newsletter 229


                     Newsletter 229 - 18/1/2021

Reconhecimento de idoneidade em I&D 

ANI apresenta 2 estudos sobre valorização do conhecimento
científico nacional

28 de janeiro, 10h, em formato digital


Inovação transfronteiriça entre Portugal e Espanha
29 de janeiro, 12h, Facebook da ANI


AGATHA: a plataforma que combate a criminalidade

Acompanhe nos canais da ANI

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Web Summit women in tech - Newsletter


Happy new year to our women in tech community!


Every new year (and lockdown!) is a time for reflection. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the future of Web Summit’s women in tech community. Please complete our short survey and help us to cultivate a community that benefits everyone.

We’ve been waiting a long time to say goodbye to 2020 – and now we’re about to talk about it some more. The pandemic has thrown up a whole host of new challenges for women, but women have still managed to raise the bar for incredible innovation. 

Here are some news stories that caught our eye over the last few weeks.

Using software to overcome recruitment bias →

Software has been hailed as the antidote to recruitment bias for some years, but opinions are still mixed on its effectiveness. How has the field moved forward? Read about MeVitae, a company using computational linguistics to give all CVs a level playing field. 

Entering through the back door of tech →

In the past, CVs without a computer science or engineering degree were quickly intro’d to a tech company’s bin. But that’s changing. Recruiters and hiring managers are learning the value of diverse experience and perspectives, and on-the-job learning. Read more about the evolution of the tech manager. 

The growth of menopause tech →

Spotting a woefully underserved market, Rebekah Brown created MPowder to provide supplements for women across all stages of menopause. She’s opening up the conversation with The Powder Room, a community of women sharing and discussing their experiences. 

Spotlight on...
Ann Curry

Formidable journalist and anchor Ann Curry has been covering conflict and disaster across the globe for more than 30 years. Her talk on the future of journalism, and rebuilding trust in a broken media, was one of our favourites at Web Summit 2020.

Read more here.

Have you caught the latest

Web Summit podcast

Listen to Jonathan Teo of Binary Capital, Christine Herron of Intel Capital, Matt Mazzeo of Lowercase Capital, and Alex Konrad of Forbes, talking about what to avoid during a pitch.
If you know someone who is making an impact in their community or making waves in the tech world, we'd love to hear more about them and potentially feature them here. Just hit reply. 
That's all from us!

 – Women in tech team
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2021 ImpactHUB @ Lisbon, Newletter



After two weeks transition phase, we've moved to our new space. Thanks to our supportive community to help us with that. Nowadays, due to the sad situation of COVID-19 and new restrictions we have to keep the space close. But you can get the latest news about our opening days and hours on our Google Maps page.

Impact Hub's Programs:
Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)
A Embaixada dos EUA em Portugal tem o prazer de lançar pela primeira vez em Portugal a Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) para apoiar mulheres a lançarem e crescerem os seus projetos empreendedores, em parceria com o @Impact Hub Lisbon. Para mulheres com ideias empreendedoras, que queiram começar o seu próprio negócio ou impulsionar um projecto que já implementaram. 💡 📅 Candidaturas até 21 de Fevereiro.
Vem saber mais na nossa página
🎉 Delighted to announce that our space has been featured in "Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces", a beautiful coffee table book that launched earlier this week.
What's in it? Inspiration from around the world, stories from collaborative spaces of many kinds on how and why they started and grew with time.
A great guide to get if you like beautifully designed books filled with inspiration and learnings!
Impact Hub Startups: TravTribe
Your exclusive invitation to step into a secret tale of Lisbon:
Here is an invitation for you to step into a secret tale of Lisbon whispered to you by the city herself. You will be the center of the story, a narrative shared through our app that guides your steps into a journey of many tales to tell. Part city tour, part game, you’ll see the streets become your playground as it guides you to step into an experience that facilitates meeting local artists, entrepreneurs and explore the local collective dream. Join the waitlist to receive an invitation for the Lisboa experience for March 2021 👇

Impact Hub Programs:
Social Entrepreneur's Toolkit

🔥 Calling all new social entrepreneurs!
Got a great business idea but don’t know how to make it a reality? Look no further than the Social Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: a 6 week online course that will kickstart your transition into the career of your dreams. Gain the skills you need to map out your business idea and convince others to partner, buy, invest and spread the word.


É com imenso gosto que partilhamos consigo a abertura das candidaturas para o novo programa de Executivos da CATÓLICA-LISBON – Center for Responsible Business and Leadership: Responsible Business: Próxima Fonte de Vantagem Competitiva.

Tendo de novo a parceria com a Fundação Gulbenkian, temos 5 bolsas a oferecer a empreendedores sociais (com empresa formalmente criada), colaboradores de PME, startups e microempresas portuguesas. Como habitualmente, partilhamos consigo de forma a eventualmente ajudar-nos na divulgação juntos dos vossos membros. Muito obrigada!

O curso Responsible Business: Próxima fonte de vantagem competitiva, irá realizar-se em Fevereiro e Março de 2021. Este curso permitirá introduzir o conceito de Responsible Business, bem como aprofundar as temáticas em torno da Sustentabilidade (económica, social e ambiental), Purpose, Sustainble Development Goals, Business Case for action, Business Model Innovation, Business Ethics e sustainbale Competitive Advantage.

Para a candidatura a bolsas, os candidatos deverão submeter a sua candidatura ao Programa e no preenchimento do campo "Observações / Informações Adicionais" (último campo do formulário) deverão colocar a indicação "Candidatura Bolsa Gulbenkian". Posteriormente receberão formulário a preencher.

As candidaturas estão abertas até dia 30 de Janeiro.

Para questões técnicas de inscrição no curso poderão contactar diretamente: ana.marisa.santos@ucp.pt

Do you want to appear in this newsletter?

Members, if you have some news/opportunities or whatever you would like to share with us, don't hesitate to write to us to be included in the next edition.
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HackerEarth - 6th to 14Th Fev - Hackathon


Hey everyone! 

We are very excited to announce our new community hackathon Hack2021🚀

Hack 2021 Hackathon is the place to create solutions that can make a difference. Create solutions that are socially responsible, address sustainability, mental wellness, and connect individuals with the tools to promote the general welfare.

Build something to make the world a better place for yourself, your co-workers, or your friends and family.⚡

This hackathon will be an opportunity to earn community bragging rights, build impactful projects, and win sweet prizes. 
Everyone is welcome to participate, be it, students, professionals, or aliens from different planets. Happy Coding!
Register Now!
Important: Please make sure you are registering in teams. Individual applications won't be considered for the hackathon.