DMS Accelerator - data startups accelerator program - apply until 31May

O programa de aceleração de startups de dados Data Market Services Accelerator (DMS Accelerator) quer ajudar as startups e pequenas e média...

terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2020

DMS Accelerator - data startups accelerator program - apply until 31May

O programa de aceleração de startups de dados Data Market Services Accelerator (DMS Accelerator) quer ajudar as startups e pequenas e médias empresas nesta área. 

Depois de já ter apoiado 50 empresas no desenvolvimento e aceleração dos negócios, o consórcio europeu do qual faz parte a Bright Pixel, tem 50 vagas abertas para uma segunda call. 

As candidaturas encontram-se abertas até 31 de maio.

Challenge Details

The Data Market Services Accelerator is an European Commission funded project designed to help startups in the European Union (and associated countries) grow their skills, connect with partners and investors, and receive media and events exposure.

Europe has the chance to become the global leader in data-driven startup business’. Join now and be at the head of this growth!

Over 6 months, 50 selected startups will receive training in key topics such as GDPR, Intellectual property, investment matchmaking & fundraising, legal training, and more. All delivered by leading experts in their fields.

Additionally, cutting edge training in data-science and trust building in today's data economy will boost your company's toolkit in the modern landscape of data-driven business.

You can expect access to interactive webinars, one-on-one support, free entry to accelerators and incubators in 4 european countries, direct connection to investors, and lucky participants will have a sponsored booth at the TNW2020 flagship conference, October 1-2 in Amsterdam.

Visit for more information.

As identified in the European Commission’s strategy for the European Data Economy, the value of this industry is expected to be €739 billion in 2020, representing 4% of the overall EU GDP, with the global big data economy seeing annual compound growth of 23% over the last 5 years.

But more scrutiny and regulation has in recent years been focused on the proper collection, storage and usage of personal and large-scale data, driven by political scandals, mass collections, and increasing awareness of the emerging predictive and AI driven world. This landscape provides strong impetus for the Data Market Services Accelerator, in order to allow startups -both new and growing- access to training and support in using data responsibly, effectively, and accurately.

In addition to this, DMS (Data Market Services) will aim to help startups address the slow adoption of advanced big-data technologies, reduce the skills gap Europe see’s with the US and China, as well as navigate the challenging terrains of privacy, compliance, and standardization.

Practical Details

Meet the companies who will boost your business, supported by the European Commission:

Zabala Innovation Consulting - Experts in training programs for startups & SME’s

TNW - Flagship conferences and global media to showcase your company

University of Southampton - Leaders in Data Science and training

King’s College London - Training in big data and AI.

Bright Pixel Accelerator - Builders, creative thinkers and investors, whose goal is to transform two key things: the way companies address innovation and how new ventures are put together.

SpinLab Accelerator - One of the top 20 accelerators in Europe with an international network of successful business founders, established market players and leading investors.

Spherik Accelerator - Winner of the Best Accelerator And Incubation Program in Romania for 3 years in a row.

IPtector Consulting Aps - IP consulting based on decades of international corporate experience.

ERCIM/W3C- Leaders in info, data, and privacy law and training for European data landscapes.

Ogilvy - Global advertising, marketing, and PR.

Are you a promising data-driven startup? Are you looking for an international network and vast support? Join the challenge and present your solution to the Data Market Services team and take part in free, market leading training services!

Plataforma Recode é expandida para Portugal

Visualizar como página web
A Recode tem uma notícia pra você.
Plataforma Recode é expandida para Portugal
A pandemia que vem assolando o mundo exige medidas rígidas para conter o avanço da doença. O isolamento social é hoje um motor de transformação que demanda flexibilidade de todos os setores. 
Buscando se adaptar aos novos tempos, o CDI Portugal, membro da Rede Recode, disponibilizou todas as aulas, que antes do coronavírus eram restritas ao Centro de Cidadania Digital de Valongo, para acesso em todo o país.
“A plataforma Recode é a primeira ferramenta verdadeiramente global que estamos utilizando. Os nossos cursos podem marcar o início de uma nova visão sobre o futuro de cada jovem. O acesso à tecnologia não é necessariamente complexo, e ele fornece ferramentas que podem ser fundamentais nas opções de vida de cada um”, ressalta o CEO do CDI Portugal, João Baracho.
De acordo com o executivo, a oferta dos cursos online nesta fase de confinamento é essencial para permitir que todos os jovens possam ter acesso às disciplinas. "O início no Centro de Cidadania Digital de Valongo funcionou como um piloto que nos permitiu testar a adaptação dos cursos à realidade portuguesa e formar a nossa equipe na sua utilização e na possibilidade de criação e introdução de novos conteúdos”, completa Baracho.
O CDI Portugal faz parte da rede global da Recode, que está presente em nove países, com 1.152 centros de empoderamento digital. Os cursos também são acessíveis a pessoas que não possuem grandes conhecimentos em informática.
 Todos estão adaptados para o português de Portugal, além de possuírem certificações de empresas como Microsoft e PMI (Project Management Institute).
Quem vive em Portugal e deseja participar deve acessar o site e escolher uma das disciplinas disponíveis. Todas são oferecidas gratuitamente.

ImpactHUB @ Lisbon, Newsletter

The world is changing, and we are on the transition team.

Impact Hub Live #5:
Key Learnings & Tools to Strengthen Your Business Resilience

COVID-19 is an unfolding event bringing uncertainty to every business. To help you navigate through these unprecedented times we have joined forces with EY for our next ‘LIVE with Impact Hub’ on ‘The resilient enterprise: Leading through uncertainty and complexity’. In this webinar, EY and Impact Hub will discuss the importance of enterprise resiliency in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. EY will share key lessons on business continuity and the range of resources and services that they have made available to support impact entrepreneurs through COVID-19. We will discuss building supply chain resiliency, navigating your people through crisis, maintaining effective communication with your customers and liquidity and cash management.
EY Ripples is a program which extends the value of EY knowledge to address some of the biggest challenges of our time. Through EY Ripples, EY provides a range of services to help impact enterprises scale and bolster their success in the critical early stages of growth. By joining this edition, you’ll also gain access to these services, from digital tools to long-term capacity building services, to help you in these complex times. Learn more here.
Join us on May 28th at 4 pm to increase your impact by receiving support from professionals and leaders from all over the world.
Register now, and go LIVE with us!
Looking for an office?
Our front office has become available. It's easily big enough for 4 people under new social distancing measures. You can see more about it here.

Members, win a discount on your membership for a successful referral!
CEMEX-TEC Award of $25,000!

The  CEMEX-TEC Award offers cash prizes up to US$25.000 each for high-impact projects, and 5-days virtual acceleration bootcamps, in partnership with Ashoka, Impact Hub, makesense and more partners.
This global award is open to Social Enterprises, NGOs, foundations, multi-sectoral social impact projects and University groups.
  • To attend the information webinar June 8th at 6:30pm GMT+2 sign up here. The capacity is limited, please do not forget to reserve a free ticket.
  • Apply now to the Cemex Tec Award - new deadline June 30th.

Business Models for Social Enterprise Course
We are running a 6 week program to support idea and early stage social entrepreneurs. Haven't got an idea, but want to get involved with companies creating social and environmental change? Join our community of practice and equip yourself with the tools of successful social entrepreneurship. You can participate entirely online, or come for socially-distanced sessions in the evenings. Find out more and sign up here.
Worth Reading
Another amazing report from the Board of Innovation, with a detailed analysis and specific recommendations of how to pivot under the current circumstances. Strongly recommended reading!
Worth Hearing
- The Harvard Business Review has a wide range of podcasts, and the recent episodes of IdeaCasare really stellar! For anyone, at any stage of their career, employed, unemployed, entrepreneur or working in a huge firm. Something to learn for everyone in these episodes.
Worth Doing
- Are you a charity? Do you want $10,000 of Google Ads, every month? Well, just check this out!
- And here are 5 different funding streams from Santander, totalling over €1 million! Th
ey aim to support the visionary entrepreneurs who are focused on the day after the storm, on the problems we will face as we enter the new reality.

Perks for Impact Hub Members
The global network has added two new perks that may be of interest to our members. Discounts on public speaking and communications training, and technology that allows you to create multi-camera presentations from your desk. Check them all out 

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