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  I t's getting colder, and I'm sure you've noticed that due to the fear of a 2nd wave travel restrictions and safety measures a...

segunda-feira, 19 de outubro de 2020 - Newsletter - interesting startup stories and opportunities.


It's getting colder, and I'm sure you've noticed that due to the fear of a 2nd wave travel restrictions and safety measures are getting tougher again. 

What remains unrestricted, is your weekly access to interesting startup stories and opportunities. :-) Here comes your weekly dose:

 City Farmers:  This week we interviewed Max Chizhov, the founder and CEO iFarm. We talked with him about "vertical farming", and Max is sure that "everyone can become a city farmer". Dreaming of becoming a farmer? :-) Read more here.

 Arctic15:  The matchmaking and networking event for startups, investors and businesses will take place online on October 19th-21st. Lots of investors and startups will join on the lookout for opportunities. Top level speakers sharing their expertise and experience on funding, growth, scaling and even exits. Thinking about joining? EU-Startups readers get 30% off.

 Innovating with plastics?  AQ Anton, a leading engineering & production company in Hungary, just launched their Engineering Acceleration programme to offer European startups the chance to work with them on plastics related innovations. Startups will benefit from tech and business advice, mentoring support, and additionally one lucky startup will have the chance to build a longer-term collaboration with them.

 Software Development:  There is a sizeable gap between top and bottom performers in software development. Top companies can accelerate the pace of new products and applications at much lower cost and with fewer glitches than other companies. Discover how building an MVP with Nitor’s proven model enables you to achieve greater market penetration while lowering product development costs.

 EU-Startups Podcast:  A few days ago we published episode 7 of the EU-Startups Podcast with some of Europe's leading investors pitching their VC firm/focus on air. For next week's episode, my colleague Charlotte is going to interview one of Europe's most successful female entrepreneurs. Make sure to tune in! :-)

 Future of Work:  2020 is undoubtedly a defining moment in terms of how we perceive work and life. It's time to rethink university diplomas, tech education, and work-life balance. Here are some thoughts about that topic.

 EIT Digital Challenge:  Want to meet the 20 European scaleups that made it into the finals of this year’s EIT Digital Challenge? The winners will be chosen in a final event held online on November 12.


AngelList - Is Silicon Valley Ready for WFH? Newsletter


Move over, Alexa. Remote work is the hottest trend in tech.


Tech companies have scared the pants off of landlords since March by announcing permanent shifts to virtual workplaces. First Twitter announced it would allow employees to work from home permanently following the pandemic. Two days later, Facebook announced half of its workforce would go virtual over the next decade. Shopify, Dropbox, and Microsoft added to the long list of companies eyeing a permanent shift to all-day-pajamas and Zoom happy hours.


It’s a transition many people saw coming well before the pandemic. “We’re going to see an era of everyone employing remote tech workers,” AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikant predicted last March.


The allure to companies is obvious. They can tap the best talent from all over the world while eliminating sky-high real estate in places like San Francisco, where workers pay an average of $3,500 a month to live in a tuna can. Plus, employees largely report positive experiences, citing the flexibility, freedom to live and work from anywhere, and increased autonomy. 


What they don’t love, however, are the pay cuts that accompany this shift.


Fintech behemoth Stripe was the first to publicly address the elephant in the room when it announced last month it would pay employees $20,000 to relocate to less expensive cities. The catch: They’d take a 10% pay cut in the process. 


There are other considerations for employees. Among their biggest gripes with remote work are the inability to separate work from home life and loneliness. Younger workers, in particular, are concerned about losing the less obvious career-boosting benefits of office life: opportunities to network with more experienced colleagues, ready access to mentors, and the ability to poke their neighbors for help (harder to do when they’re 17 time zones away).


The notable holdout in the big tech migration is Netflix, which announced last month their employees will return to their cramped desks and bland coffee “twelve hours after a vaccine is approved.” 


Netflix employees immediately started perusing the 32,000 remote openings on AngelList.

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Funding and acquisitions

The Juggernauta premium subscription publication for South Asian stories and news, raised nearly $2M as a part of its seed round. The publication focuses on building a news community for South Asian Americans and features a diversity of writers (more than 80% of them are women). The platform also requires a paid subscription with pricing tiers starting at about $50.

Avail Medsystemswhich develops telemedicine software for the procedure room, raised a $100M Series B. Avail is described as “the only end-to-end system” for surgical teams in operating rooms who need to consult with remote experts during training or a live procedure. The company plans to add more medical experts to its network.

Onapsisa Boston-based company that provides cybersecurity and compliance solutions for mission-critical applications, raised $55M. The company’s platform enables organizations to address vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and malicious activity that can pose a threat to sensitive systems and data. Onapsis says it will use the newly raised money to “significantly scale the company through rapid expansion into the mission-critical SaaS applications market, starting with protection and compliance for Salesforce and SuccessFactors applications.”

SOURCE: AngelList 

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