sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2016

TOURISM DAY @LISBON - Mercado da Ribeira - 28 June 2016 by BETA-i & Turismo de Portugal & AirBnB


Are you aiming to disrupt the tourism industry, interested in investment opportunities or just curious about the latest market insights, activity and partnership opportunities?

Tourism is increasingly a key industry in Portugal and the entrepreneurial activity plays a crucial role on the industry development, not only by empowering the creation of innovative products / services, but also because talented startups based in Portugal attract investors and other key players worldwide.

The latest attributed prizes for tourism in Portugal this year include: 14 prizes in more than 10 European categories including the Europe’s Leading Tourist Brand (Turismo de Portugal).

Come along to Tourism Day, organized by Beta-in in partnership with Turismo de Portugal and hosted by one of the key players within the tourism worldwide industry – AirBnB.

You will get to know the trendiest industry related subjects, learn how to be successful on doing business within tourism, understand the importance of strong growth supporters and get some interesting insights on how the sharing economy ecosystem is innovating the way we travel.

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