sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2016

UBER CEO - UberPITCH - Bringing the elevator pitch to your front door, where entrepreneurs get to pitch to investors in an Uber?

Travis Kalanick is visiting Europe, for the UberPITCHwhere entrepreneurs get to pitch to investors in an Uber?

Calling all entrepreneurs, self-starters and start-up warriors — your big break is arriving now!

 For a limited period only, Uber will be offering entrepreneurs across 37 cities and 21 countries the chance of a lifetime by connecting you to some of the region’s top investors — all at the touch of a button.




UberPITCH is a collaborative project that encourages innovation within local startup communities to provide entrepreneurs with the resources they need to accelerate the growth of their ventures.
UberPitch_blog-logo_960x350_r2 CROPPED
How will it work in your city? See below for the list of all cities that will participate in UberPITCH and follow the city link to find out how UberPITCH will work where you are.

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