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DevNet Express - DNA [Portugal] - 25 to 26 JAN 2017

What's a DevNet Express event?  
It's a focused event where you
 listen, learn, and put it into practice.
This one's all about DNA Programmability

Who is the event for?
  • Network Engineers or Architects with an interest in DevOps
  • DevOps Engineers with an interest in networking
  • Software System Integrators with an interest in networking
It's for anyone interested in understanding how and why to develop using Cisco Enterprise Network Programmability tools and APIs and prefer a ‘listen, learn and then put in into practice’ learning style.

What's it all about?

It’s about what we call the network’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA): the building blocks of a well-managed network:

Cloud Service ManagementAutomation and Analytics Physical and Virtual Network Elements 

At the DevNet Express we’ll have short, hands-off sessions followed by hands-on missions in each of the areas below:
Cloud Service Management

This is all about gaining the intelligence of the network to better-understand patterns by correlating users, applications and device data.   We'll help you to do that using CMX (Cisco Mobility eXperience) APIs.

Automation and Analytics

Key to Automation and Analytics is the automation of management, control, configuration and policies, and we’ll explore with you programmable interfaces that do just that. 

For 'automation' in particular, we’ll focus on the Cisco APIC EM: our network controller that provides Automation and Analytics which can be controlled via a REST API. 

We’ll be showing you how to use the APIC EM REST API and then help you explore it yourself using VIRL (Virtual Internet Routing Lab). 

Physical and Virtual Network Elements 
We’ll look at how to programmatically control Physical and Virtual Network Elements (or devices) that don’t have the benefit of a network controller. 

In particular, we’re talking about Open Device Programmability using RESTCONF/NETCONF protocols and YANG data modelling.  

We’ll teach you about YANG and RESTCONF, then help you explore them yourself using VIRL.

You'll also get to touch DevOps-style collaboration and human-interaction tools like Spark, Tropo and the NeXt UI toolkit.

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