sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2016

IMPACT HUB Pilot Lisbon - Newsletter

2016 is nearly over and what a year!
We are thrilled to be part of the Impact Hub Global network. This has been a year full of learnings,  international exchanges, new experiences and valuable insights. We are proud to say that Impact Hub Pilot Lisbon is a multicultural community.
600 impact change makers from 30 different countries, 22 inspiring events, 15 international visits and 23 workshop leaders. One common purpose: creating a better, kinder and more sustainable world. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support! We will gladly see you next year in more impactful events.
After several months of intense planning and organising, last November we opened our first Pilot space in Lisbon, Rua da Imprensa Nacional 34. We are grateful to our partners, community and network. A special thanks to our main sponsor Montepio and their engaged team.
It has been an amazing experience and we are excited to tell you that in the beginning of 2017 we will move to a bigger, permanent space!
The most essential element of Impact Hub Pilot Lisbon is our community. This is why we keep you posted on our members´projects and their inspirations. This year we introduced Inês Rodrigues, João Almeida, Birna Schram and Andreia Barbosa - you can look them up on our FB page. In the upcoming year, we will keep sharing impact stories and entrepreneurs with you.
Our crew keeps growing! Meet Gonçalo, our General Manager. Gonçalo has experience working in top management positions in the Energy sector as well as in the Private Equity industry developing managerial and business competencies and capabilities. He is passionate about strategic planning, entrepreneurship and environmental matters specially related to the oceans.
                                                                                          From left to right  João, Ana, Filipe, Sara                                  and Gonçalo
2017 is a promising year, filled with impactful news, events and opportunities to contribute! The best way to  stay up to date is to subscribe to our online channels. If you want to discuss your thoughts send us an email at any time. 
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Impactful New Year!
Looking forward to seeing you soon,

- The Impact Hub Pilot Lisbon Team

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