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1st month celebration!
Dear Impact Maker,
As we celebrate our FIRST MONTH anniversary in our NEW space, at Museu da Carris in Alcântara, we are grateful for the achievements and challenges of this transition and want to share them briefly with you. Ready for Impact?
+5 co-created capacity building/incubation programs like Escola de Impacto, Impact Generator, Hackaton Sustainability Goals United Nations, Acredita Portugal, to just name a few
+5 participations in huge public events like Ativar Portugal Startups or Bolsa do Empreendedorismo
+7 partnerships have been established with organizations like Epson Ibéria, Delta Cafés, Amorim, Ordem Dos Economistas, or Fundação da Juventude
+8 open or private events organized in our space with an average attendance of 40 people
+2400 followers on Facebook, +new Instagram account

This was only last month, want to know more? Read on!
SIRCle Portugal shared the core values and practices of this European programme that is focused on supporting sustainable communities, how to get involved and what are the next steps in our country.

Michele Orzan, from the European Chamber told us on how to start contributing to a greener world through Greenwill. Together with Ordem Dos Economistas, we co-hosted a Welcome session for our partners, we shared ideas on social innovation, impact investment and upcoming programs.

This week we had the first edition of Pastel Pitch! 10 impactful initiatives had 5 minutes to tell us about their projects. The Winners - AidHound, Chefs de Saúde, SmartFarmer, A Avó Veio Trabalhar - got a 6-month free membership+mentoring at Impact Hub Lisbon.

What´s next? Be inspired, and SAVE THE DATE!
June 8th - Lisboa, what kind of city do we want? Come to the WinB morning conference and get involved in the making of this city.

June 12th - Want to apply for Impact Generator? Next Monday attend this Q&A session and meet Rita from Laboratório de Investimento Social.

June 20th - Want to run a sustainable business? Sign up for the 2nd edition of the Business Basics+ with Mariana Servidio.
Not sure how to come find our space?
We are working on improving your journey. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here are 4 easy steps:
1) Say “Hi!” to the security staff at the entrance and let them know you are on your way to Impact Hub Lisbon;
2) From there, walk straight in the same direction of Village Underground;
3) Before reaching the end of the alley, a modern grey staircase with an red arrow and the Impact Hub logo will be on your left;
4) Come up and meet us!

We have multiple rooms and event spaces available for rent per hour, half day, full day, week and month!
For inquiries contact: lisbon@impacthub.net
Escola de Impacto, our capacity building program aimed to promote social inclusion through employability, was energized this month by our partners, Mariana Servidio, Perestroika and Laboratório de Investimento Social.
We are also collaborating on the second edition of Impact Generator, apply by June 18th!
More opportunities? Here you have the European Innovation Academy, an entrepreneurship programme to turn an idea into a tech start-up in 15 days!
We were delighted to share a Community Lunch with Operação Nariz Vermelho (Red Noise Operation). Thanks for the positive vibes you brought!

One of our pioneer members, Afonso Mendonça Reis, Founder of Mentes Empreendedoras, shared what he learned from the “Inspire your teacher” campaign.

After Impact Hub Munich and Manau, we received the visit from Impact Hub Budapest last week! Who’s next?
We believe that doing good is contagious!
Are you feeling it already?
Happy festivity season!

Sunny greetings,
The Impact Hub Lisbon Team

Our mailing address is:
Impact Hub Lisbon
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1200-124 Lisboa
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