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Guitar Pedal
Tuesday June 13, 2017
Build an Arduino Guitar Pedal Stompbox
From the latest issue of Make: Construct an Arduino-powered guitar pedal and have fun creating your own sounds. You can program your own effects in C/C++ or get inspired by the ready-to-play effects: booster, distortion, fuzz, delay, vibrato, tremolo, “Daft Punk” octaver, and more.
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3D Printer
Maker Camp Launches June 19!
A virtual summer camp for kids, Maker Camp brims with new projects each week. Free and hosted online, Maker Camp makes STEM and STEAM concepts fun and easy for kids to learn. Become an affiliate and host a Maker Camp at your library, community center, school, or home.
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Metal 3D Printing Quick Tips
Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is changing the way designers and engineers create custom metal parts. DMLS allows you to create metal prototypes and end-use parts in a matter of days. This free guide will help you optimize your designs and save on your next project.
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Vinyl Stencils
Use a Vinyl Cutter to Design Stencils for Spray Painting
While it's an ancient practice, stenciling continues to have tremendous modern relevance, especially with new techniques afforded by digital cutting tools now available to stencil artists. Here are some tips and tricks.
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Restored Chissels
Ten Great Tool Restoration Projects
Vintage tools are frequently better made and cheaper than modern tools. Plus, they're fun to revive and come with build stories encoded within their scratches, dents, and patina. Here are ten of our favorite restoration projects that we've featured on Make: over the years.
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Meet Bangkok's Growing Maker Movement
The Southeast Asian nation of Thailand has an ingrained culture of art, creativity, and technical improvisation, and a growing number of Maker Spaces are bringing the Maker Movement to more prominence.
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Power Wheels Racing
Taking a Power Racing Car from Concept to Finish Line
The Power Racing Series is always an exciting part of Maker Faire, modifying kid's Power Wheels electric vehicles and racing them for fun and glory. Here's what it takes to actually put one together — and win!
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Conoe Lake
The MakeShift Challenge: Against the Wind
From MacGyver creator Lee D. Zlotoff: Can you to figure out how to make your way back to shore after falling asleep in a kayak and awaking to rough seas? Devise your own solution and then read what other creative readers came up with.
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More from Make:
The Lab Report: This week our awesome Make: Lab interns test built projects, made leather bowls, and fixed the office fridge!
Speaking of the Make: Lab, former lab intern Sandra Rodríguez dropped in to share some key takeaways she learned during her Product Design program at Stanford. Read the full story. Her team's project? A family cookbook designed around parents and kids spending time together in the kitchen.
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