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rainbows, sunshine and a unicorn

May was a pretty successful month for the Estonian startups investment-wise - IoT startup Thinnect raised $1,7M; insurance technology startup Inzmo raised €1,1M;  analytics software solution SpectX raised an investment from Karma Ventures; online health and sport service SportID raised over €150k on Funderbeam platform; and video building platform Clipman raised a €100k. Some amazing news this past month also came from our very own unicorn - six years after its launch, TransferWise announced that it has reached profitability! 

For those of you who were unable to attend Latitude59 - fear not! The speeches, talks and discussions from both of the main stages were recorded and can be watched from here, For those of you who attended - we hope that you had as good of a time as we did. Have an equally amazing June! 

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Successful first three months of the Estonian Startup Visa programme

On the 18th of January, a new Estonian Startup Visa programme was launched, allowing non-EU nationals to come and work for Estonian startups, relocate their existing startups or found new ones in Estonia on preferential terms. The programme has now successfully been running for 3 months, bringing in a total of 106 applications from 29 countries. Find out more

Why Estonia may be the best place for India's overlooked startups to flourish

Recognising the potential of startups, the Estonian government has been strengthening the measures to enable higher and easier participation of foreign workers and entrepreneurs in its economy - providing a great opportunity for fulfilment for founders from India, but also from other countries around the world. Find out more

TransferWise to offer cross-border bank accounts

Our fintech unicorn TransferWise will hold money on deposit for its customers and provide them with bank account numbers in several countries! “We are very driven to see what else we can offer to our clients, who are living these international lives.” said Taavet Hinrikus, the founder and CEO of Transferwise. Find out more

How did Estonia become a leader in technology?

After reindepending, less than half of our population had a telephone line and the only independent link to the outside world was a Finnish mobile phone concealed in the foreign minister's garden. Two decades later, we are a world leader in technology. Find out more

A new era for location-independent entrepreneurs has begun

Estonia has made headlines with its e-residency initiative, which lets anyone become a virtual resident of its digital nation and set up an EU-registered company. Now these businesses can also open bank accounts without ever setting foot here! Find out more

10 Estonian top Marketing Managers: advice for beginners, lessons learned & marketing in 2020

A few months back some of the best Estonian startup marketeers shared their stories and gave us plenty of great advice and we have some good news - they did it again! Find out more

Estonia to lead debate on the future of social systems in the digital era

The EU’s "tech nation"  is ready to preach the bright opportunities offered by the digital era during its semester at the EU’s helm. A dozen conferences are scheduled to explore how different sectors can benefit from the disruptive impact of technology. Find out more

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