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Beta-i Newsletter - accelerations programs and events

Beta-i Newsletter: 

For one, we are finally going global, with both the Global Impact Challenge
  initiative (from Singularity University, to be staged in Cascais) and the Free 
Electrons program (a truly global startup acceleration program, in the energy 
space, that will take place in several different geographies).  
We preach to startups all the time that they have to have a global reach and 
international ambitions, so it is only fair that we ourselves take the same 
medicine we prescribe so often.
While we look outwards, we don’t allow ourselves to lose focus internally, so we 
are touring Portugal, with the Lisbon Challenge, and you are more 
than welcome to join us. 
In a nutshell, what this means is that we are indeed growing, but not at the 
expense of what we love doing: connecting Startups, Corporates and Innovation
 in the same sentence. The difference being, we are doing more of it abroad.

Hugo Vaz Oliveira
Partnerships and Media  at Beta-i
Lisbon Challenge.  We're touring to find la crème de la crème of early stage startups. Know anyone who's the perfect fit? Tell them to apply here, as fast as they can. Applications close on January 26, 2018.
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SingularityU Portugal Global Impact Summit. This a program seeks to foster moonshot innovations and startups that positively impact the lives of people living in Portugal. Portuguese nationality is required. Apply until February 6, 2018. Read more here.
Free Electrons. Later stage energy startups eight big utilities (EDP, TEPCO, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, innogy, origin, AusNet services, SPgroup and ESB), are waiting for startups to help them expand and scale to new markets, explore their pilot and find investment. Applications close on February 23, 2018. Read more here

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18 Jan Future Festival: Orlando - A 1 day trends & innovation program to train your team in the must-know consumer insights (USA)
25 Jan RE-WORK: AI Assistant Summit - Showcase of the opportunities to advance trends in Virtual Assistants (USA)
31 Jan Vibrant Digital Future SummitA conference for business leaders, innovators and governments developing a brighter digital future (United Kingdom)
06 Feb Financial Planning and Analyst Innovation Summit - Over 150 finance leaders will share the innovations driving the performance of their finance teams (USA)

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