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Make: Newsletter JAN 2018

Tuesday January 2, 2018
How to Organize and Plan for a Group Project
It’s a new year! The changing of the calendar comes with the promise of trying something new. Consider organizing and planning a group project this year, if you haven’t already. Don’t be scared, we have a few tips and tricks to help you out! Below, you’ll find several simple projects to get you back in the flow of making things again. They’re also great starting projects for anyone looking to dive into making in 2018!
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Solder Together a Fairy Lights Mason Jar
This project is an Arduino variant of the Pimoroni firefly light. Our version uses red, white, and blue lights to celebrate the American 4th of July holiday, but you can use whatever color you want. Build the whole thing for less than $60.
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Prank Your Friends With This Chirping, Blinking Throwie
Build this tiny circuit to annoy your friends and family. It features a piezo buzzer to provide unwanted auditory stimulation, and an LED to blink in the wee hours of the night. The whole project can be completed in a matter of minutes and won’t cost you more than $10.
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Twist Fabric Scraps Into Colorful Twine
If you’re drowning in fabric scraps and offcuts, this is the perfect project to upcycle them into something both beautiful and practical. The task is simple, straightforward, and, if you already have the fabric lying around, won’t cost you a thing.
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Fold Up a Jumping Origami Frog With LED Eyes
Light-up origami designs have been around for a while — but this adorable jumping frog takes it to new levels. Press the frog down, and the LED eyes start to glow. Release the frog, and it leaps across the table. If you’re lucky, it may even do a little flip in the air!
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Creating an Image of Mars With Sheets of Rusted Metal
Did you know that Mars is red because it’s covered in rust? Build your own version of the red planet by selectively rusting a sheet of metal. The process may take some time and cost a bit more than the other projects listed here, but you’ll end up with one cool piece of art.
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With $10 worth of materials, declare war on your office coworkers with a tiny trebuchet that can launch paper clips. Just get HR to sign off on it first.

It can get rather gloomy in the wintertime when it’s still dark outside long after you’ve woken up. Build this wake-up light to make your mornings a little easier. It will slowly light up a room at a time you designate, simulating the rising sun’s illumination and tricking your brain into waking up.
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