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Dear Impact Maker,

What is the last thing you learned that completely blew your mind?
Did you learn by “succeeding” or “failing” in doing something?

Actually, it doesn’t really matter. Everyone fails from time to time. That is why we would like to invite you to rethink failure as an opportunity to grow and step forward. Ultimately, you will get there.
“I never lose. I either win or learn.” Nelson Mandela

Looking for more inspiration? Scroll down, the best is yet to come!
We have been working on an exciting agenda for February. Check this out!
Feb 10th - Circular Economy Mapping - Join the circular economy movement!
Feb 15th - Skill Share - Use Business as a force for good with B-Corp!
Feb 15th - Branding - Create a brand strategy to move your initiative forward!
Feb 22nd - Skill Share - See what goes on behind the scenes of recruitment!
Feb 22nd - Screening & Talk - Let's rethink the food industry!
Feb 28th - Ninja Session - Meet the Ninjas and learn about communication!

More events? Lunch, drink, volleyball, meditation and yoga - Feel free to participate in one of our upcoming community activities!
Want to get involved in a community of creators building a radically collaborative world?
We are looking for motivated volunteers with great people skills to join our hosting team!

As a Daily Host you commit to a 4-month period of space & people hosting at Impact Hub Lisbon one day per week (9:00 - 18:00). In exchange, we offer an 8-month membership, valued at 130€/month, which includes global membership, access to our space to work on your own projects and connect with members, access to free workshops for skill & personal development and networking opportunities within a vibrant community of changemakers.

Interested in joining us? Let’s get in touch!
Work, collaborate, get inspired and repeat.
Our space is the place where ideas have babies!
Write to Francesco - our Community Manager - and book your free trial day!
The application is open for the 2nd edition of Escola de Impacto!
This 3-month capacity building program, in partnership with Ageas Foundation, aims to empower people in a socially vulnerable situation, through social entrepreneurship. The participants will develop the ad-hoc skill set to structure and launch their own project.

Find out more about the program and how to apply here.

Only 2 weeks left to apply for PAES Acceleration Program!

Apply until Feb 23rd and embark upon an international acceleration program for social startups! Get the chance to win a cash prize of 15K€, learn & travel within our Impact Hub European Cluster, and receive a 6-month membership at Impact Hub Lisbon
Have you already met Marion, our new Event Host?
"Hi Impact Makers! My name is Marion. I went to Impact Hub Lisbon for a community lunch on a random Tuesday 3 months ago and... never left since then! What I found was more than good food:
I met a group of like-minded people - all eager to make a positive impact in our world in various ways - and a supportive ecosystem to transform ideas into projects. With the help of this amazing community, I wrote and published my very first e-book #LANGUAGE BOSS about my long-time mission: reframing people's mindset about language learning! If you want to know more about my language coaching practice, come join my community group and reach out to me!"
Get ready for the Carnival celebrations!

Festive vibes,
The Impact Hub Lisbon Team
Impact Hub Lisbon
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