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Tuesday February 20, 2018
How to 3D Print on Fabric
Though this technique has been around for a while, Uncle Jessy’s video provides an excellent entry point for beginners. This method is great for creating scales, spikes, or other small details for your cosplay outfits.
You Don’t Know Terror Until You’ve Experienced the Furby Organ
Despite your opinion on Furbies, the sight (and sound) of forty-five of the furry creatures singing is something to behold. At the very least, you have to marvel at the amount of circuit bending that brings this cacophony to life.
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Alexa, Flush the Toilet
After witnessing a fancy voice-controlled toilet at CES, Jonathan Gleich was inspired to create his own. The whole build cost just over $700, which sure beats paying the $6,000 for the one he saw on display.
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4 Lessons We Learned Making a Propane Cannon
This is a classic story of boy meets girl, boy and girl build a cannon together, and boy and girl fall in love with said cannon. We love the cannon, too!
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How to Rig a Model Ship
The ropes on model ships are, unsurprisingly, very small and difficult to rig. This how-to article, from 1000 Foot Gaming, does a good job breaking down the process and making it more approachable for beginners.
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Carve and Construct Your Own Fidget Cube
If the fidget spinner is too simple for you, you might enjoy a fidget cube. Check out Mark Langford’s design in action, or grab his open source files and laser cut a cube with your own custom sides.
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Sometimes the old ways can prove to be the best ways. If you’re building or moving something heavy, try building this block and tackle wooden pulley system.

A quality slim wallet can be hard to come by these days. Instead of buying one, try stitching together your own!

Gaming can prove difficult for some people who have a physical disability. This PS4 controller hack isn’t the prettiest, but it’s quick, cheap, easy to pull off, and it will help gamers who have muscular dystrophy.
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