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STATION F - Top 10 things to know about STATION F this month - Newsletter

Top 10 things to know about STATION F this month

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Here are the top 10 things you need to know about STATION F this month. Don't miss out on the calendar of events and job openings! Enjoy
Fighters Program: 13 startups moved in
Announced during our inauguration, we have welcomed the first 13 Fighters, entrepreneurs who come from underprivileged backgrounds, on campus. Among them: a former inmate, a cancer survivor, entrepreneurs from the suburbs... and they met with François Hollande! Learn more on our blog.
New VC on campus: Tony Fadell
The famous entrepreneur, co-creator of the iPod and founder of Nest, chose Paris and STATION F to set up his VC fund called Future Shape. We shared a conversation with Tony, read it on our blog!
New startup programs: INSEAD and TF1
28..29..30! We have 30 startup programs at STATION F! The two newbies are top business school INSEAD (their acceleration program is for the school's alumni) and media leader TF1 (for startups working on media). 
First exit: Recast.AI acquired by SAP
We are so proud to announce our very first exit, Recast.AI, just 6 months after we opened our doors. The startup is part of Microsoft AI Factory at STATION F. We interviewed Jasmine, Recast.AI’s co-founder, to learn more about the startup and the chatbot industry: read the conversation here.
First concert: Julien Doré, Brigitte and Jean Louis Aubert - Guest star: Sheryl Sandberg
Right on time for the anniversary of the announcement of our partnership with Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg came back to the campus. The occasion: Facebook’s first expo called Connexions. Oh, and there was a cool concert. Missed it? There’s a recap on our blog!
New on Youtube: Cédric Villani’s Ask Me Anything session
“Thanks to AI, lives will be saved, tasks that are not dignified for humans will be automatized, diagnosis will be done better... the scientifical adventure - that we don’t quite understand yet - will be very exciting.” Watch the full video with Fields Medal, Deputy of Essonne and AI expert Cédric Villani.
Founders Program: deadline to apply is April 2nd
The Founders Program is STATION F’s core program for early stage startups. More than 240 companies from all around the world have already joined the program. Why not you? Check out the conditions and apply HERE. Deadline: April 2nd.
Two events not to miss: Digital Shopper Day and Social Good Week
Mark these two events in your calendar! And get your tickets here.
Digital Shopper's Day by HighCo Tue. Feb 13 2018, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM To learn more about hyper-personalisation and customer experience to drive activation. But is customer-based marketing effective? You’ll find out!
Social Good Week's Opening Night - Wed. Mar 7 2018, 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM. The event will gather non-profits, startuppers, influencers and decision makers to share their vision on how tech can help solve the challenges we face.
New visitors, incl. the President of Argentina
Once again, this month was full of amazing visits from all around the world! Mauricio Macri, President of Argentina stopped by. Jack Lang, former Ministry of Culture, met with 3 cultural startups. Salma Ahmed, Ambassador of Kenya, had a tour of the campus. And David Gurlé, CEO of 🦄Symphony met with 10 selected startups. 
We are hiring a CTO and other positions
Our CTO will manage a team of developers and build STATION F’s internal platform called HAL, used by thousands of entrepreneurs daily. See the job description and other openings here.
PS: someone in this picture is not really on our team. Can you guess who?

See you next month!

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