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Startup Ecosystem Survey 2018
Estonian startup ecosystem needs you! Over the past few years, the number of startups and employees in Estonia has grown significantly and the startup scene has become more and more international. With your input, we aim to pinpoint the uniqueness of Estonia’s startup ecosystem and focus our work to improve the startup ecosystem for everyone. 

From new meetups to new investment funds 

Hey you! Are you feeling the spring vibes already? Although its still pretty cold you can already hear some birds singing outside, reminding us that spring is coming. We at Startup Estonia have been busy working on identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our startup ecosystem and hopefully can share the results with you in few months. Also, we've had a ton of fun kickstarting and co-hosting two new meetups: Foreign Founders in Estonia for foreign founders and startup employees here in Estonia and Lets speak about cyber@ for people interested in solving different cybersecurity issues and finding new business opportunities.

Few weeks ago we saw two new €20M+ investment funds opening up in Estonia: a pre-seed and seed fund Superangel and Trind Ventures'  new fund for early-stage digital companies. Really exciting to see new investment funds on the market! Also theres a great opportunity to get up to €250K investment from Nordic Angel Program (NAP) syndication by EstBAN. Speaking of investments - invoice financing marketplace Investly is currently closing a successful £500k+ crowdfunding campaign and cybersecurity scaleup DigiFlak signed a €250k deal with the Horizon 2020 "CAPTAIN" eCare project.

PS. Latitude59, the flagship startup & tech event of Estonia is coming up on 24-25 May and they have a special promo code for startups valid until 10th of April: ST4RTUP89.

All the best

team Startup Estonia

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EstBAN Members Invest EUR 11.3 mln In Startups In 2017

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We are launching 50’000 robotics startups by 2020

 We are launching 50 000 robotics startups by 2020

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Digital nomads are hiring and firing their governments

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Baltic startups are doing unbelievable, unimaginable things

Baltic startups are doing unbelievable, unimaginable things


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    Estonian SpectX Has A Taste For Raw Data

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